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Castle Siege

Our plan is to launch the server in January 2021 as a low Season 15 (considering a smooth transition to season 16, depending when we will have a stable release). We are planning to offer custom features where players can actually profit from their time spent in game. Our server values its players and their well-being, always trying to offer a purpose for you to strive. Play 2 Win experience with a boost !

Beta Server Information

  • Version: Season 15 -> 16
  • Experience: 1000x
  • Master Experience: 1000x
  • Drop: 90%
  • Reset Level: 400
  • Clear Stats: NO
  • Custom Feature: Cash Market
  • Custom Feature: Tournaments
  • Custom Feature: Cash Rewards

Why choose us

  1. Active & Engaging staff. We care about you, and we are here to help!
  2. Up to date with the newest server files!
  3. Unique and interesting features that will keep you entertained!
  4. Daily / Monthly Events. Amazing bonuses and prizes($)!
  5. Working with the highest tier providers for Anti-Hack, Hosting, Firewalls!
  6. Profesionally configured by your owners!


We need feedback. Suggestions, bugs, configurations, everything has to be finished in the beta stage. We will have some polls soon to see the public opinion but please, consider joining our Discord server and reporting any bugs you encounter. Also keep in touch with the community and share your opinions !

Contact us at admin@honor-mu.com (We check our e-mails !)